The Preservation of Mallard Farms Offsets the Loss of Vulnerable Species and Habitats.

Mallard Farms is a conservation bank that protects and restores over 650 + acres of biodiverse land in Solano County, CA.
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What Makes Mallard Farms Special?

Our team has worked to provide significant habitat and biological productivity benefits for several important protected fish species. Our conservation area is also adjacent to one of the most important areas for young Salmonids, Delta, and Longfin Smelt.

Dr. Peter Moyle and graduate students doing some sampling at Mallard Farms

What Is A Conversation Bank and How Does it Work?

A conservation bank is a permanently protected area of land or aquatic habitat that protects at-risk animals and habitats. Conservation banks exist in order to offset adverse impacts to land and/or aquatic habitat similar to the conservation bank’s protected habitat.

Along with conserving habitat important to protected species, conservation banks sell credits to developers and public agencies whose activity will cause unavoidable alterations to similar habitat within the Bank’s service area approved by the environmental regulatory agencies. In order to mitigate such impacts, the developer or public agency purchases credits from a conservation bank such as Mallard Farms. Through an agreement with the environmental regulatory agencies, a portion of this money is used to create an endowment to insure that the conservation bank is protected in perpetuity.

Mallard Farms Benefits to Protected Species:


acres of permanently protected habitat


Protected threatened or endangered species

The Land We Conserve

The more than 650 + acres that we protect and restore is located in the Greater Bay Area  - where fresh and saltwater meet to form high-quality, tidal marsh - our conservation site is perfectly positioned to provide an ideal place for a variety of vulnerable fish to thrive.

Our Location

Strategically located at the southern edge of the Suisun Marsh, Mallard Farms Conservation Bank is in a prime position to help at-risk fish thrive as well as lesser-known organisms that form the basis the food web in this biologically important part of the Delta. Adjacent to Suisun March -the largest brackish water marsh on the West Coast- Mallard Farms is also able to play a major role in preventing flooding, reducing erosion, and storing carbon.


Senior Wetland Regulatory Scientist

President of the Huffman-Broadway group, a pre-eminent environmental consulting firm located in San Rafael, CA. Prior to founding Huffman-Broadway Group, Terry was the US Army Corps of Engineers’ (Corps) Chief Wetlands Scientist at the Corps’ Environmental Laboratory and he is credited with pioneering the wetland delineation methodology in use by the Corps and EPA today.

Terry Huffman, PhD

Mallard Farms Conservation Bank Sponsor

Jeff is a life long landowner of Mallard Farms. After organizing with the surrounding landowners in 2010 to form Mallard Farms Conservation Bank, Jeff has acted as bank sponsor and project manager.

Jeffrey Cavanaugh

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Offset the environmental impact of your project through the purchase of conservation credits from Mallard Farms, one of the largest conservation banks on the West Coast.

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